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The Relational-Functional Markup Language (RFML) is an XML application for Relfun-style declarative programming and knowledge representation. RFML has been implemented as a (Web-)output syntax for relational-functional knowledge bases and computations as part of the Relfun system. (Web-)input of RFML markup has been implemented via an XSLT stylesheet. A Broker Example illustrates.

RFML Links

Draft Specification (Previous Version)
Paper at WFLP 2000: PostScript, PDF, Talk
Talk at 17th Workshop of GI Special Interest Group 2.1.4: Extended Abstract and Slides
Courses/Tutorials including RFML: XML: Foundations, Techniques, Applications; Knowledge Markup Techniques; Knowledge Markup Techniques
Initiative partially based on RFML: Rule Markup Language (RuleML)
Translators between RuleML and RFML available in XSLT
Example (XML-based Broker): rfml-broker.xml; rfml-broker.xml.txt
Document Type Definition (DTD)
Stylesheet (XSLT). Example (Prolog-like Broker in colored HTML generated from above XML-based Broker): rfml-broker.html

Please contact me for further information on Relfun, RFML, or RuleML.

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